Coronavirus / COVID-19 Planning

Updated: Monday 28th December 2020

As you will be aware, the growing risks and challenges presented by the coronavirus are having an inevitable impact upon UK businesses, JLS IT Consultants included.  As a result, we have performed a full risk assessment of business operations, services and projects, with the aim of reducing both infection risks and mitigating disruption to clients.

Given our geographical distribution, with team members located in numerous UK locations, and our existing arrangements that all team members have an adequate work environment at home, we are well placed to respond if/when the UK escalates from the current phase.  A significant proportion of our existing interactions are conducted remotely, greatly reducing the risk of team member to team member infection.

Our current risk assessment classifications are:

Product or service type Example of service Risk assessment
(anticipated impact)
Critical services Critical services relate directly to the availability of a service or product that clients have a direct dependency on (for example website availability) Low
Non-critical services Non-critical services relate to our ability to respond to a client request (for example a change request) Medium
Projects Projects refers to activities of work consisting of multiple stages or tasks, typically of multi-week duration. Medium-to-High*

* The reason for this classification is that projects are longer in duration and require input from external parties (such as clients) and are therefore more subject to interruption in the event of isolation activities etc.  Currently our risk for projects is restricted to project timelines, rather than project outcome, we recommend clients factor an additional 10% duration in project timescales.  

Taking into consideration the updated guidance from the UK government, we are instigating a number of initiatives:

  • The use of our central office in Chichester will be reduced; the majority of work activities will be completed from home office environments.
  • All non-critical face-to-face meetings are to be rescheduled or replaced with remote meetings; all consultancy-orientated locations have provisioned audio/visual devices for this purpose.
  • Limiting business use of public transport and business travel.
  • We are reviewing team training and knowledge to ensure there are no ‘knowledge silos’ that may restrict our ability to respond to clients should one or more team members be significantly impacted.
  • In instances where clients request site visits, we will make a risk assessment based upon the specifics of the request and the nature of the requirement.

The above initiatives will remain in place until the UK government issues a significant change in policy and will be reviewed as government guidance evolves.

As a business partner, we are here to support client needs during this difficult period.  Please feel free to reach out if you require any assistance.

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